Over the years, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with outstanding colleagues and friends in different stages and contexts. I also deeply appreciate the guidance and best practices that I received from my leaders at each stage. It was through these experiences with you all that I realized how fulfilling and exciting a career can be, and how precious the bonds of friendship and aligned values are. Thank you for shaping me into who I am today!

LePure Biotech

- Vice President Of R&D -

Lead the Software Products in Life Sciences, device software and group's information reform business for LePure group.

Lead China's first completely independent product design and software development of Doe software.

Lead the company's information technology business development, and be responsible for financial management, formulate budgets and manage and review expenditures.

Awarded the 2022 Group Excellent Manager.

Coupang (NASDAQ: CPNG)

- Senior Manager | Architect -

Promote the launch of live e-commerce from 0 to 1 in product and software engineering, and lead the team to participate in the continuous improvement of business products.

Coupang is a very open company with growth potential. Although I left due to new industry opportunities, I still welcome potential excellent software engineers, product owners and test engineers to join Coupang.

Sancell Technology Group

- CTO -

SanCell Technology Group is a medical and health-focused group. The group has high-tech enterprise scientific research institutions, membership-based e-commerce and cultural entertainment companies, medical beauty and anti-aging physical hospitals.

During my tenure in SanCell Group, I served as CTO, Lead the digital transformation and upgrading of the group company, successfully implement and launch the internal management system and external business system (such as payment system, logistics system, customer service system, procurement system, supplier system).

Lead the product and software engineering team to launch the business system of membership-based e-commerce platform, including APP, website and WeChat applet. And reached a platform revenue of more than 100 million in half a year.

Lead the team to launch a medical beauty live broadcast APP based on the advantages of the group company, combined with e-commerce, to promote the conversion of orders for offline hospital consumption.

Won the first prize of the group's outstanding executives.

Shanghai WanDou InfoTech

- CTO & Co-founder -

In 2015, as a technology co-founder, I started my business in the information network security industry with my friends. I launched the company's virtual training product (Based on KVM,2015), and through cooperation with universities and government departments, we quickly realized profitability. After that, I led the product and engineering team to iterate continuously.

During my tenure, as a co-founder and technical leader, Wandou Technology’s business focuses on products and services in the information security industry.

For To B, we adopt enterprise-managed information security services (SecMind security steward), and for To C, we adopt a series of product methods (school-enterprise studio, Wandou Information Security Online Academy, Q&A SNS community, virtualized education and training platform). For business industries and PR, we actively build an information security ecosystem through three dimensions: information security competitions (with the Ministry of Public Security/institutions), information security technology salons (technical activities), and technical training.

Through these strategies, our business covers engineers, colleges and universities, government and enterprise customers for business expansion, and participates in the implementation of major government projects.


- Tech Head of TA -

- Launched an Noah-YiJie payment clearing system.

- Launched an financial e-commerce system

In addition, I'm also responsible for the support of product operation activities and the construction of application security.

Although the time is not very long, it is a good memory whether working or living in the team.


- Tech Manager | Architect -

I have been responsible for the technical development and engineering management of PChome products (which belongs to CBSI group with ZOL Online) ,KDS social BBS,Gamespot.

- Pi’Lei game platform (from 2011 to 2012, there were only three-person team But the monthly revenue was nearly one million)

-PChome and product library development and architecture work (2012~2013, average daily PV 30 million+)

-Lead the team to launch the Gamespot game web product (launched in 2012, with a DAU of more than one million, but the copyright was taken back by CBS in 2015)

-KDS life community's technical architecture optimization and APP development work (2013~2014. KDS has more than 700W registered users, with an average daily ten of millions of PV/millions of UV).